• Consumer claims concerning the Volkswagen emissions defeat device for parties who opted out of the United States District Court multidistrict litigation class action.

  • Partnership dissolution disputes, including dissolution of law firms, medical groups, and other partnerships.

  • CFO was removed from the board of directors and was asked to leave the company. Settlement of exit from the company and exit package regarding compensation and benefits.

  • Class action arising out of company recording phone calls of consumers without notice or consent.

  • Class action against major sporting events venue for issuing improper receipts for credit card transactions.

  • Partnership dispute involving a group of doctors who owned several medical clinics in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. One partner opened a competing clinic in violation of their agreement. Resolved by determining an appropriate buy-out amount, future ability to continue to use the clinics, and establishing conditions for the leaving member’s competing clinic.

  • Partnership dispute involving brothers who owned a restaurant. One brother accused the other of taking cash from the receipts during his management shifts. The brothers’ family members were an integral part of the settlement discussions. The issues were determining an accounting, and whether one partner would buy out the other, or agree to appoint a neutral manager and change the cash deposit procedures.

  • Partnership dispute with partners involved in an e-commerce business. One group of partners felt the others were not contributing sufficiently to deserve performance bonuses. The issue involved clarifying the scope of duties and responsibilities among the partners and appropriate compensation.

  • Partner buyout action by investor in marijuana cultivation business.

  • Dispute between bank and its customer over fraudulent wire transfers.

  • Breach of contract and fraud arising out of investment and partnership agreement for an electronics company.

  • International dispute regarding sales of medical supplies to companies in Iran.

  • Lottery winner claimed she was the victim of fraud by others who gained her trust and caused her to invest millions of dollars in real estate.

  • Derivative action brought by shareholders of a bank alleging that a bank executive used the corporation’s assets for personal gain.

  • Derivative action brought by shareholders of a high tech company, alleging that the CEO backdated stock options, gave drugs to employees, and used the corporation’s assets for personal gain.

  • Collection of credit card debt against primary cardholder and corporation by major credit card company.

  • Action to enforce judgment with claim of fraudulent transfer of assets by defendant to avoid judgment.

  • Breach of contract regarding partnership dispute involving investor and payment of profits.

  • Marijuana industry case regarding breach of contract claims arising out of sale of extraction pod for marijuana.

  • Breach of contract and related indemnity claims arising out of manufacture and sale of jet fuel alternative fuel.